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The Protector Series

I'm thrilled to say that Protector has skyrocketed and made me a best belling author on Amazon, reaching #7.  Ever since it has stayed within the top 100 in its main categories. 

Anna-Marie has spent almost her whole life in love with the boy across the creek. From the age of five they have been in each others lives, so when Anna-Marie’s boyfriend, Dylan, dies under mysterious circumstances it drives her into a deep depression. She desperately clings to his memories for solace.
After reports come out of a another mysterious death, Anna-Marie climbs her way out of despair as she throws herself into a search for the assailant, who is callously tearing so many lives apart. During Anna-Marie’s search, she has a chance encounter with a mysterious man who flips her world upside down once again. Alessandro Pierre, the deadly son of the vampire leader of the Brotherhood Order, appears to be just as normal as the next guy, but he is far from it.
The further Anna-Marie digs into Dylan's death she is plunged into a world she isn’t quite prepared for. She gets caught up in a deadly game from her worst nightmares, and eventually learns that it is her own world as well.
Protect Me
A year ago, Anna-Marie’s world had been flipped upside down. It all started outside of her apartment in downtown Wilmington one cold night in November when her boyfriend, Dylan, was savagely killed by a mysterious wild animal, one that no one had been able to find. 
Unfortunately, Dylan wasn’t the only victim of this shadowy creature. Once Anna-Marie sees the reports of yet another unexplained disappearance, her torturous anger and desperation pushes her forward and drives her to pull herself out of the dark grips of depression and take matters into her own hands. 
During her quest for justice, Anna-Marie has a chance encounter with a mysterious man; a man whom she quickly becomes friends with. Little does she know this intriguing mystery man of vampire royalty, Alessandro Pierre, has known her for quite some time. 
Once Alessandro and Anna-Marie’s paths cross, both of their lives would forever be changed. With Anna-Marie’s heart on the mend, she finds herself slowly falling in love with her mysterious protector, and he with her.  
Happiness doesn’t last long before she finds out about the mysteries of the world and the creatures that lurk in the shadows, but none is worse than finding out the truth about Dylan and the night that he supposedly died.  
Dylan is not only alive, but also stalking the night as one of the callous Rogue. Anna-Marie’s heart breaks with the knowledge that the man she has loved her whole life has become the worst kind of monster. And to top it off, she finds out that she is a monster as well, even if only half.  
What path will she choose? Will she accept what she is and follow her best friend into the darkness or will she choose the life that has been laid out for her? Will this roller coaster ride that Anna-Marie is on ever end or will it send her flying over the edge?

Protect Us
Anna-Marie and Alessandro work hard to provide a stable life for their only child, Gemma. The child that was bestowed to them by their goddess Ameretat for reasons still unknown. Like Alessandro’s mother did to him, Anna-Marie works diligently to protect her special daughter and lead her away from following in her father’s footsteps in becoming a Protector. Weeks before Gemma’s eighteenth birthday Gemma has a magical night with a boy, Ford Chase, who just may have been “the one”. They laughed and danced and kissed under the moon light. That is before he was forcefully taken away from her by a Rogue. Gemma desperately chases after them, but to no avail. Heartbroken and angry Gemma vows right then and there, despite her parents pleading, she will join the Protector order on her eighteenth birthday and avenge Ford’s death. No one could foresee the events that would ensue thereafter and little by little the gifts that Ameretat blessed Gemma with become apparent and are far more than anyone could ever imagine.


Dylan's Story

What do you do when everything you've ever known is taken away from you?  Do you throw your hands up and just let it be and fade away to nothing or do you fight?

I may have technically died but I’m not dead and I refuse to give up everything I used to be or the woman who keeps my memory alive, even if it takes me tag teaming with some unlikely allies to do it.  I may not be a human anymore but I am still me; Dylan Williams, a man of substance.  

The inspiration of so much of the Protector Series 

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