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Ethereal Like Me
What do you get when you put together a succubus, a vampire and a few humans? A whole lot of trouble.
Tarina never expected life to turn out the way it did when she married her human husband four years ago. She wanted the fairy tale, even though she never loved the poor sap, but being as she was a succubus, she needed him for his essence. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize how much she’d grow to dislike him toward the end or how diabolical he actually was.
When Tarina made the decision to finally close that chapter of her life she didn’t intend to run into Caleb, her long time love. Unfortunately, Caleb had already moved on long before Tarina came to her senses.
In an attempt to sooth her broken heart, Tarina had a chance encounter with Logan, who was just supposed to be a sexy one night stand, and it worked too. Although she never could have known he would be the new doctor at the hospital she worked at.
Life, or maybe karma, had a funny sense of humor sometimes, but no one in this circle was laughing.
No one could have predicted how Tarina’s life altering decision to change her life, presumably for the better, could lead to such a dramatic whirlwind of events that would eventually expose Tarina’s world of creatures who preferred to be left unknown.
All she could do now is clean up the mess she made and try to leave it in the past.
Unfortunately, the past always seems to find a way to surface, especially when you least expect it.
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